That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life...
Philippians 2:15-16a

Friday, July 29, 2011

For Your Enjoyment

This coming Monday I'll be headed to a fun filled week at Camp YES.  I always look forward to camp.  This will be my third year in a row being a counsellor for Teen Week.  I'm excited about meeting the girls I'll be counselling (I'll probably already know some of them :), fellowshipping with friends, super-fun games, and amazing preaching!  I thought since I'll be away for a week, and unable to blog, I'd link to some of my favourite sites and some interesting articles that I've read online.  You'll have a whole week (or maybe more :) to go through them, and hopefully they will encourage you.  Enjoy :D!

Justified Freely:  This is a devotional blog that I'm really enjoying!  The format is simple.  A verse or two is shared each day, with a brief 1-2 paragraph devotional written by the author of the blog.  On Sundays he always shares a hymn.  Right now he's been going through the Minor Prophets.  This is a blog I've found quite encouraging.  

Way of Life Literature:  I link to Way of Life on my sidebar, but I thought I'd share it anyways :).  This site is primarily doctrinal with an emphasis on exposing error and deception within various Christian movements.  Subjects dealt with include Evolution, The Emerging Church, False Teachers, Abortion, Charismaticism, etc. I appreciate the honesty and forthrightness of this site.  I enjoy reading the "Friday Church News" feature each week, which contains brief updates of issues relevant to Christians.  There's also a great topical listing of many articles dealing with various theological topics.  If you have a questions and want a biblical answer, this site is the place to look.  

Notes From a Retired Preacher:  I've only been reading this blog for a few weeks, but I've been enjoying it.  It's primarily dedicated to exposing the error of Calvinism and Lordship Salvation.  There's some interesting theological discussions on this site, and definitely lots of food for thought.

Selective Reformation:  This is an article on the What is Truth blog.  The article itself is great, but there's been a fascinating discussion going on in the comments thread about the mode of baptism.  I would recommend exploring some other articles on this blog too.  There's some really great stuff about doctrine, Bible text preservation, and he links to an excellent series he did on culture on another blog. Blog Directory:  This is a great site for everything IFB and KJV.  They have a blog directory, and a devotional site.  Lot's of interesting and good reading here.

KJV Blog Directory:  Another directory of KJV blogs.  You'll find my blog listed on this site :).  Some of the blogs are the same as the IFBKJV site, but there are a few different ones.  This blog also has regular contributors that write devotionals for it's home page.  

Bible Truth:  A great website with all kinds of articles, Bible studies, sermons, etc.  You could easily spend several hours.... DAYS reading on this site.  The question and answer section is interesting, and he's also written some really good articles about witnessing to Mormons.  One of my favourites on this site is the article about Calvinism vs. Arminianism.

Christians Evangelizing Catholics:  Lots of info on witnessing to Catholics.  

Truth and Song:  This is probably one of the best articles I've read on music (It's WAY better than the ones I wrote).  The author of this blog wrote five articles dealing with music.  I've linked to the first one, but be sure to read all of them.  She hits SO many nails on the head.  I was greatly helped and encouraged by what she wrote. Her articles on fashion are really good too!  

Save the Perishing:  Another article dealing with the inconsistencies and false teachings in Calvinism.  OK... it's apparent that I read a lot of anti-Calvin material.  This is serious stuff though.  A lot of good, sincere people are being deceived by something that isn't biblical.  This is a five part article, so make sure you have some time.  You'll want to read the whole thing (Disclaimer: some of the Scripture quotations are not KJV).

Lighthouse Trails is a very informative discernment site.  They do an excellent job of exposing the mysticism and New Age that's infiltrating the church.  Various authors contribute to this site.  Most of them quote from the KJV, but not all. This is a conservative evangelical site, and thus, associates with some churches and associations that a fundamental Baptist would not associate with.

As I'm sure many of my blog readers know, I consider the King James Bible to be the preserved, inerrant, infallible Word of God for the english speaking people.  This is a typical position of those who would call themselves Independent Fundamental Baptists.  For many years I believed that it was only Independent Baptists who held to this position.  In my experience in a new-evangelical type church the common belief was that any version goes.  Often those who are of a multiple version persuasion even look down on the KJV (I'm not saying all multi-versionists do this, but many of them do).  It is interesting to me to see those who are not of a fundamental baptist persuasion actually speak AGAINST some of the modern versions and/or DEFEND the KJV.  The following are some articles that are written by non-independent, fundamental, baptists.  In fact, those writing these articles would most likely consider themselves evangelicals. Disclaimer:   I do NOT endorse everything found in these websites.







That should keep you busy reading for a while until I get around to writing something new :).  

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