That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life...
Philippians 2:15-16a

Monday, November 28, 2011

How I Feel About Passing Out Tracts

Ever had the Mormons or Jehovah's Witness come to your door?  I wonder if they like doing that kind of evangelism?  You know, every Mormon young man is supposed to spend two years doing mission work before he gets married!  The Jehovah's Witness go door to door all the time! I've seen JW's who are young, old, men, women.  I've even seen a lady JW going door to door, and she had her young son with her.  I saw one JW lady who looked so frail, I wondered if she'd be able to manage getting back down the steps.  I've seen Kingdom Halls in all kinds of small, little towns that have barely any people in them, yet the JW's manage to get enough to form a congregation.

It's a shame.... 

It's a shame that the people who are part of these false religions are SO committed and dedicated to their religion, yet many Christians have never even passed out ONE gospel tract in their lifetime!  And we're the ones with the truth!  They have nothing but lies and false hope.  Yet, these people are so dedicated and so involved.  They are 100% sold out to their beliefs.  They give their money, time, and labour. They really believe it, and it shows by their actions.  What do our actions show about what we believe?  Do the people we come into contact with everyday even know we are Christians?  Are we giving our labour and time to serving the Lord?  What about our money?  Are we giving cheerfully?  I know people who call themselves Christians and don't even go to church, let alone tell someone else about Christ.  It's sad.

Whenever I think of how the JW's and Mormons evangelize, it convicts me!  I don't put that much effort into what I believe.  I haven't spent two years on the mission field evangelizing and proselytizing.   I chicken out giving tracts to people all the time.  I skip the houses that have big dogs!  If there's people out side, I won't put a tract in the mail box.  Instead, I go back later and hope they aren't there and then slip it in the box.  I'm scared to talk to people about Christ, but it's something I'm commanded to do.  Matthew 28:19-20 is still in the Bible!

This past Friday evening, I had the opportunity to pass out some tracts during my town's annual Christmas Walk.   That took me out of my comfort zone.  Passing out tracts is confrontational, and I'm not a confrontational person.  It means talking to strangers!  S-c-a-r-y!   No one else at the Christmas walk was passing out tracts.   Not even the JW's or Mormons.

Even though I sometimes don't like passing out tracts, the truth is, it's a relatively easy thing to do.  I mean, really, they are just pieces of paper.  It's not like it's physically demanding or mentally difficult.  You don't need to have 5,000 verses of Scripture memorized or have a Bible College degree to hand out a tract. ANYONE can pass out a tract.  In fact, we even had some children helping out at the Christmas Walk with tract distribution.  If a child can do it, surely we adults can do it.  But many Christians have never handed out a tract!  They've never even left one in the washroom at Tim Hortons!

You'll never know this until you actually pass out a tract, but being able to give someone a Gospel tract is a blessing.  I know what you're thinking.  A blessing?!  How can you say that when you're scared, uncomfortable, and feeling very awkward every time someone ignores the little piece of paper you just practically shoved right under their nose?!  I can say it's a blessing, because I know that what I'm doing is pleasing to the Lord.  I know I'm getting God's Word into the hands of someone who is not saved.  I know there's a chance someone will read that tract and realize they need Christ as their Saviour.  I know that I'm making a difference in things that matter for eternity!  THAT is a blessing!  No matter how scared, awkward, or uncomfortable I feel, every single tract I ever hand to someone, leave in a bathroom, or drop in a mail box is a blessing!

But, if you've never passed out a tract you'll never know.  You MISS the blessing.

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