That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life...
Philippians 2:15-16a

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sister and Sethy :)

I have a lot of things I should blog about!  LIke Marci and Seth's visit last week.  It was nice to have them here for the whole week, but I now remember why I moved in to North Bay, and don't live at my parents house anymore.  The free rent was certainly a bonus when I was there, but that drive back and forth just isn't worth it.  The only thing that made it worth it last week, was getting to play with Seth every morning before I went to work :).  Sadly, my Mom has to make that drive almost everyday this week.  I sure am thankful for her help at my studio!

Seth is getting big!  He walks and laughs and runs.  He likes to play the I'm-gonna-get-the-baby game.  It's so cute to watch him "run" away from you and then wait for you to catch him.  Then he laughs and laughs and wants you to catch him again.  He also LOVES his blue blanket.  I should have taken a picture of him with it, but just think Linus from Charlie Brown and that's him.  He walked all over the house with that blanket dragging after him. 

Every time I tried to take a picture of him he would always try to grab the camera!  I guess he thought it was funny, but me trying to keep a camera away from the baby and take a picture at the same time doesn't make for the best focused pictures ever.  At least he's happy :).

Sadly, Marci and Seth had to go home :(.  He's pretty good in the car.  He likes watching what's going on around him.  I think the fact that Mom kept giving him timbits made him pretty happy too!

I just realized that I titled this post about my sister and Seth, but I don't have any pictures of Marci.  Oh well, she really was here for the week too!  She came and helped me in my store for a couple of days while Grandma babysat.  That was fun.  I wish she lived closer and could help me all the time!  

One last picture.  The leaves are almost gone now, but this is up at the Monastery campus of Nipissing University where I teach the university vocal students.  To the right of this there is a pond with a little walking bridge over it.  It was absolutely beautiful up there last week!  God's creation is amazing, and I love the fall colours.


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